About HBP

About NLP & Life Coaching & Training With HBP

Our Unique Approach

We are proud to be different and want to make a difference. We are challenged every day to become better and in doing so understand perfection is not a destination to be arrived at, rather it is a journey to be travelled. We believe in community learning and the power of we. We are proud to be part of other people’s results, we don’t take credit for them – your results are your results. We teach & facilitate values levels on our courses, so it’s a fundamental we live it – congruence not arrogance runs through our company DNA.

We eat, sleep, dream & breath coaching – and our chosen tool to help people achieve these results is NLP

Our Clients Are

  • International Sports Stars
  • Polar Explorers
  • Atlantic & Pacific Ocean Rowers
  • RAF Jet Pilots,
  • Professional Football & Rugby Club Coaches
  • Fitness Professionals
  • World Record Holders
  • CEO’s & COO’s of Award Winning Businesses

“I was part of the first British team to ski unaided to the Geographical North Pole in 2000. My whole life is about mental strength and this year the ‘2 Phil’s’ have been preparing my team to complete Ernst Shackleton’s unfinished trip across the Antarctic, a route never before achieved. My only regret is not knowing about the ‘2 Phil’s’ for my previous expeditions over the past 15 years!!” Also get your 2V0-31.19 copy.

Phil QuirkCo-Director and Master Coach

Ever since I can remember I, perhaps like you, have been interested in what makes people ‘tick’. I have always found it fascinating that a person can feel able to conquer the world one day and then be unable to get out of bed the next? You may of even experienced that in yourself and wondered the same thing? My story is probably not too dissimilar to many others. I found learning in school difficult because I spent most days looking out of the window wanting to be somewhere else. I enjoyed all sports but excelled at none.

When the time came for me to cover my shirt in signatures, play some final practical jokes and then venture out of the school gates one last time to go on and make my millions – probably sound familiar? The only problem was, I had no idea what to do? In my haste to escape the claustrophobic order of school I’d made my first, and definitely not last, big mistake in life – I hadn’t made a plan!! I suspect I’m not the only person to tread this path and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to imagine my next few years drifting from menial job to menial job. My motivation was low and the life I lead now was not even a visionary dream, I was in one of life’s ‘ruts’. The wonderful quality of human beings, however, is that if you really want things to be different you have the resources inside to change your world, and that change can be instant.To learn more about Phil Kelly or Phil Quirk, Click the images above.

Phil Kelly Co-Director and Master CoachDumpspedia.com

When I grew up all I ever wanted was to be a professional sportsman, it’s a dream shared millions of boys and girls. I very nearly made, released from my professional club at the very last hurdle.

What made this more crushing was I come from a small town in South Wales where opportunity isn’t easy to find. I was going to be different though; I would be the ‘boy who came good’. The only thing that prevented me from my dream ironically was – me. I was my biggest limiting factor, although understandably at 17 I couldn’t see it myself. I’m sure you’ve probably experienced the same thing, wanting something so bad yet not quite making it become a reality?

I could have done a couple of things after this. Blaming others would have been easy, blaming myself even perhaps easier. I could have returned to my town and joined the rest of my mates, perhaps took on a trade. I decided that if I wanted to live the life I wanted I needed to move myself away – I joined the RAF as a Physical Training Instructor. I’m sure you can picture this wasn’t easy, everyone told me that it would be impossible and at the time I kind of believed them – but you never know unless you try, do you? To read about Phil Kelly & Phil Quirk click on the images above and get 212-89!

Matt Larsson-CliffordHead of Business Development

I had been successfully leading, managing and coaching for 16 years as a senior Officer in the RAF in a variety of environments, with a variety of people and with a variety of activities which were often physically, mentally or psychologically demanding.

Ironically, my introduction to NLP was based, mostly upon the question “What could NLP possibly give me that I didn’t already have?”

I am glad to say that despite my initial skepticism I hung in there! Indeed, the one thing I didn’t expect from NLP was that it would help me to develop my coaching, managing and leading ability to the extent that issues which had previously been irritating problems now became interesting challenges! I realised that I in fact had all of the tools to deal with all these challenges – I just needed to locate the correct resource and then decide to use it!

I’m sure you can sense that this was a big turning point for me in both my career and life as it could be for you….My knowledge and understanding of NLP has also helped me realign my life goals and I now live in Sweden on a small holding with my family, our Icelandic horses and ever increasing flock of sheep! Our dream has become reality………..when will yours?